WestMUTTster Dog Show

The WestMuttSter Dog Show, an annual tradition cherished for 18 remarkable years in Lake County, Florida, specifically in Eustis, is a heartwarming gathering orchestrated by the Humane Society of Lake County. This delightful event serves as a nexus for vendors, devoted dog owners, and enthusiasts of all things pets. For a modest registration fee, participants seize the opportunity to enter their cherished pets into an array of categories including Best Kisser, Best in Show, Best Costume, Best Hair, and Wiggliest Butt.

WestMUTTSter costume contest

One particularly amusing highlight was the Best Costume contest, boasting an impressive turnout of over 20 spirited participants. Occurring just a week before Halloween on October 22, the event exuded a festive autumn atmosphere. Attendees were treated to a spectacle of uproarious and creative costumes. Noteworthy ensembles included French Bulldogs masquerading as a hotdog and French fries, a Pitbull transformed into a regal lion, a Golden Retriever donning cowboy attire, and a Chihuahua charmingly portraying a classic taco, among many others. Cheerleaders, hotdogs, sharks—the creativity knew no bounds. Some owners even matched their own Halloween costumes to their dog’s outfit, adding an extra touch of charm.

Blessed with balmy temperatures in the high 80s, the weather provided a perfect backdrop for the day’s festivities. While the turnout may not have exceeded grand expectations, it’s worth noting that numerous other dog shows were concurrently held in neighboring cities, namely Tavares and Mount Dora. Nevertheless, the WestMuttSter Dog Show boasted the largest crowd, further solidifying its status as a beloved local tradition.

Memorable moments of WestMUTTSter Dog Show

The Best Tricks category was a true spectacle, showcasing the remarkable talents of our four-legged companions. With only three standout participants, the competition was fierce. Each canine contender demonstrated an impressive array of tricks, leaving the audience in awe of their intelligence and training. From graceful leaps and agile spins to charming tricks like fetching objects and responding to complex commands, it was evident that these dogs had undergone dedicated training and were eager to display their skills.

The judges faced a challenging task, as each participant exhibited a unique set of abilities, making the final decision a testament to the exceptional training and dedication put forth by the owners. The audience was on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating which of these talented dogs would ultimately claim the top honors in this fiercely contested category.

This spirited competition added an extra layer of excitement and suspense to the event, keeping attendees thoroughly engaged and enthralled throughout. It was a testament to the deep bond between these dogs and their owners, and a celebration of the incredible feats that can be achieved through positive reinforcement and patient training.

The Best Kisser category provided a lighthearted and entertaining segment of the competition. It was a joy to watch as dogs, accompanied by their owners, attempted to shower their affection in the form of kisses on stage. This proved to be a comically endearing challenge, as coaxing a dog to show affection under the spotlight is no small feat. The owners’ efforts to elicit those tender moments of connection were met with a mix of eager slobbers and playful nuzzles, showcasing the heartwarming bond between pets and their humans.

The audience was treated to a delightful display of canine affection, with each dog expressing their love in their own unique way. Some were exuberant, showering their owners with enthusiastic kisses, while others demonstrated a more reserved, yet equally heartfelt, display of affection. It was a testament to the individual personalities and temperaments of the participating dogs.

In this category, it was clear that size didn’t necessarily determine the winner. Sometimes, it was the genuine warmth and connection between owner and pet that truly shone through. The judges had a delightful yet challenging task ahead of them, as they assessed not only the quantity of kisses, but also the authenticity and emotional connection expressed by each furry contestant. The Best Kisser category added a touch of humor and heartwarming charm to the event, leaving attendees with smiles on their faces and a renewed appreciation for the boundless affection our beloved pets offer us.

In conclusion, the WestMuttSter Dog Show was a well-organized and thoroughly enjoyable event. The dedication and effort put forth by both participants and organizers were evident throughout the day. It was heartwarming to witness the strong bonds between owners and their pets, as well as the genuine affection expressed by the dogs on stage. The show provided a delightful Sunday afternoon entertainment for all attendees. We wholeheartedly encourage more people to attend this wonderful event in the coming years. Not only is it free to watch, but it also offers a unique opportunity to witness the extraordinary talents and affectionate nature of our furry companions. The WestMuttSter Dog Show is a testament to the vibrant and loving community of dog owners and enthusiasts in Lake County, Eustis. Don’t miss out on this heartwarming celebration of our canine friends! If you’re interested in learning more about the Humane Society of Lake County, or perhaps considering volunteering, adopting, or finding more information, please visit their website.

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