Together We Heal: Supporting Prince’s Comeback

On October 2rd, while out for a walk with my Boston Terrier, Prince, and Australian Shepherd Max, we encountered a distressing situation, that forever will scar me and my pets. We were going on our daily walk, leashed and all, following all safety protocols, with Prince securely leashed on the sidewalk. Suddenly, a large pitbull/stray/mastiff mix dog rushed out from a nearby house and attacked Prince, seizing him by the throat. There was no warning, there was no bark, there was no signs. It was split second attack.  The scene was chaotic – I, along with neighbors and passersby, tried desperately to intervene. We shouted and did everything we could to separate them, but our efforts were in vain. Every knowledge and tactics were tried and nothing worked. The attacking dog had no leash or collar, leaving us no way to separate the two. The attacker held on, seemingly determined to harm my dog. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. I screamed for help, others screamed for help, but most people hesitated to get involved, fearing the aggressive dog. They kept their cameras rolling for their own personal gain, not one offering to share footage as evidence and then drove off… It was a terrifying experience, far removed from anything I’d seen in movies or heard about.

Prince’s eyes spoke of his agony and plea for relief, but the attacking dog refused to let go. I watched in horror as my dear companion, once full of life, was tossed around like a ragdoll. His neck, once secured by a leash, was now cruelly gripped by this other dog’s jaws. This bloodbath lasted about 15 minutes. The sidewalk was covered in blood, and screams from people surrounding us was hysterical.

Tragically, despite our efforts, Prince succumbed to the attack. The attacker only released its grip once Prince had passed out. I saw my Prince dying and I had no idea at the moment what I will tell to my 13-year-old on her birthday. As the attacking dog walked way back to his house where he came from, people gathered around to try to pickup Prince from the street. I called my wife to come assist to bring deceased dog home. I was in shock, as I was desperately trying to control my other dog speechless and paralyzed. But suddenly, a small ray of hope, Prince stirred after the attack, defying the odds. He was alive despite all odds. He tried to stand up. His eyes were bloody, his ears were bleeding, he had a giant hole by his neck. With no time to waste we rushed him to the first available animal clinic, where we received a bit promising diagnosis. He had puncture wounds dangerously close to his trachea, severe bleeding in his eyes, resulting from loss of oxygen and being choked off, and a torn ear. The vet explained that Prince will likely have lasting nerve damage to his face and his ears and possibly eyes, but that his lungs were not pierced and no bones inside were broken. We will be following up and monitoring the condition closely as healing process is long and demanding.

Now, after we are faced with an unexpected and burdensome vet bill and emotional trauma, we feel even more helpless. Despite numerous attempts, we have been unable to find a lawyer willing to take the case or at least give us advise what to do, what are our rights, what are our options. We have been running on adrenaline all day, confused and dazed myself unable to normally function. We do not know the extent this emotional trauma will bring to our Australian shepherd, Prince if he even recovers, and to us. I don’t even know if I will ever be safe to walk our dogs again. I just don’t know. It’s a deeply distressing situation, leaving responsible dog owners like us questioning our safety while out for a simple walk, frankly afraid to walk the dogs again.

Then you may ask, why am I writing? Because I have even more questions and discussion topics. I write because writing helps me think and momentarily escape the tragic reality. I hope you can provide some advice, or some guidance. Perhaps I can give some advice to any of you that may need. But honestly, I wish no dog owner would ever go though this situation. It makes you so vulnerable, hopeless and useless when you are unable to assist and watch your loved one suffer.

Why should we live in fear while doing something as ordinary as walking our beloved pets? It’s a question that weighs heavily on my heart as I navigate the uncertain road ahead. The negligence of the dog owners has left me at a crossroads, grappling with a weighty decision. How to move forward, how to cope with the aftermath, is a question that weighs heavily on my mind. The mental toll of this incident is undeniable, and I find myself wrestling with what feels like PTSD.

The reality of walking my dog again, once a simple pleasure, now feels like an insurmountable challenge. The image of that vicious attack plays on a loop in my mind, the fear and helplessness etched into my memory. It’s a deeply distressing experience that has left me questioning my own sense of safety.

Assigning blame in this situation is complex. On one hand, it’s clear that the owners should never have allowed such a potentially dangerous dog to be unsecured on their front porch, especially on an unfenced property. It’s a lapse in judgment that has had devastating consequences, not only for my dear Prince, but also for my own sense of security.

The gravity of the situation is not lost on me. It could have been me or my daughter facing the jaws of that aggressive dog. It’s a stark reminder of the potential dangers lurking in the seemingly ordinary corners of our daily lives.

As I navigate this challenging path, I’m left with a profound sense of uncertainty. What actions to take, how to seek recourse, these questions loom large. But one thing is certain – I must find a way to reclaim a sense of safety for myself and my beloved pets. It’s a journey that will require careful consideration and support, as I work through the complex emotions that this traumatic event has stirred.

In the face of adversity, I’ll seek the strength to take the necessary steps toward healing, both for myself, my family, my wife and daughters and for Prince’s memory of being fun and energetic and full of live. It’s a process that won’t be easy, but it’s one that I’m determined to face with courage and resilience.

Encouraging responsible pet ownership is crucial for the safety and well-being of both animals and the community. It’s disheartening when some dog owners seem indifferent to their responsibilities, even when there are vulnerable individuals in their household.

Promoting awareness of the broader impact of their actions, providing accessible resources for training and education, and fostering a culture of empathy and understanding within the community can all contribute to more responsible pet ownership. It’s imperative that we continue striving for a safer and more considerate environment for all, both human and animal alike.

I opened go fund me page to help with veterinarian bills. It is and any help would be greatly appreciated. Prince is my favorite hero in our posts and also in my YouTube channel Adventurous Bark Buddies. Thank you for your support. Together we will heal.

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